The Barbell-Fit Class at CrossFit Sacrifice is a foundational strength program intended to develop the foundational strength and power necessary to excel at your CrossFit workouts and other pursuits. The programming will include a combination of Olympic Weightlifting skill development and traditional powerlifting strength training.
Workouts at the Barbell-Fit Class will stop the clock and focus on the development of technique, strength, and power in your lifts.
We welcome all athletes to our Barbell-Fit Class, from novices to seasoned lifters! This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to use strength training to stabilize their body. Men and women, young and old – weightlifting is the most important fitness commitment you can make for your performance and health. Whether your goals are to be able to stand for long periods without back pain, or to compete in the CrossFit Games, this program will help athletes of all ages develop the stability, mobility, power, and force necessary to meet your goals and live a healthy and productive life.

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