Try It Free!!

Interested in joining but want to understand the class experience before committing? Try our Saturday 9 am class where we’ll lead you through a classic CrossFit WOD scaled appropriately to your current level of fitness. This class is for newbies needing a good foundation as well as current members. If the Saturday 9am class doesn’t work with your schedule, you can try a free trial week. Just (see schedules for class times) and please email Coach Mark at to register for class.

Or Call Coach Mark 706-587-1946

Daily Drop-In $15 or BUY ONE OF MY AWESOME CROSSFIT T-Shirts for $25.00

We welcome CrossFitters visiting Columbus from other cities to join us for our Daily WOD. Please inform us upon arrival which Box you are coming from by emailing us at Out of town drop ins that wish to purchase a T-Shirt can purchase the drop in and T-Shirt for $25.


During your first 2 weeks of CrossFit we will train all our functional movements and incorporate appropriate scaled workouts. You will have a Coach during every class to help and assist you during the entire foundations process. We look forward to getting you on the Road to Fitness.


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