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Purchase options for CrossFit Sacrifice and classes:

1 . Unlimited monthly membership with 6 month contract: $130
2 . Unlimited monthly membership with 3 month contract: $140
3 . Month to Month membership:

$150.00 a month (Free Daycare)

$130.00 a month (First Responders: Miltary, EMT, Fire Fighter, Police Officer) (Free Daycare)

$115.00 a month for Teachers and Students (students must show student ID) (Free Daycare)

4.  Drop-in class: $15* or purchase $25 tshirt
5 . 10-pack of classes $100* – 3 month expiration date; valid for WODS

6.CrossFit Teens $80. a month every tuesday and thursday at 6:30 pm.

7. CrossFit Kids $10 a workout every tuesday and thursday at 4:00 pm

sales tax not included

All prices and plans are subject to change
All athletes new to CrossFit are welcome to try their first class at the Saturday 9am
Open CrossFit Class at no charge . Please email ahead at
to sign-up.

Your membership includes unlimited access to WODIFY (CrossFit specific app to track all your progress),WODs and the gym Mon-Fri 05:30 till 19:30 and Saturday 0900-1200

Team Strength & Conditioning programs are also included in monthly membership to select qualified individuals. Our Daily WODS are posted on our website the night before at or about 8pm EST. All members can attend any class that they see on the class schedule; you do not have to sign up in advance.

Personal One-on-One Coaching, $65 per hour (10 pack discount – $550)

Individualized one-on-one training sessions are designed for those that want the highest degree of personal attention. This is a great option for those who would prefer to do Foundations privately, for more experienced athletes who want booster sessions to get them to a higher performance level, and also for those requiring a customized one-on-one Prehabiliation Training program. 10-package deals available.

Daily Drop-In $15 or a Tshirt

We welcome CrossFitters visiting Columbus, GA from out of town to join us for our Daily WOD. We have a bundle of drop and T-shirt/tank for $25. Please inform us upon arrival which Box you are coming from. To preserve quality of classes for all, we cannot allow those that have never done CrossFit to walk in and take a class without contacting us at in advance.

Or Call: Coach Mark 706-587-1946


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