Foundations is not required to particpate in our ROW-Fit classes. Just get a 10-pack of classes and get started this Wednesday! We are very passionate about it at CrossFit Sacrifice. We currently have the best Rowing Coach in Columbus! Head Row Coach Rachel Young leads our Indoor Rowing Program which RowFit: Crossfit Rowingincludes ROWFit, and RowClinic. Our rowing program focuses on the same fundamentals as on-the water rowing but without the added technical complications of oar blade work. Our main intent as coaches is to maximize your rowing efficiency by teach you slide control and power connection. Once those basics are established, we then get into row strategy and rate play over all the benchmark indoor row distances. About once per week you can also expect one of our WOD classes to focus on indoor rowing skills. The depth of our rowing class schedule fluctuates seasonally with January, February and March being our peak rowing season.

There’s More To It Than Just Rowing

Rowing is much more than just an arm workout. It focuses on the entire body and keeps the heart rate elevated. It also comes with a strength component. Unlike some other workouts, rowing has resistance both forward and backward. This increases your calorie burn.You must have a strong core and maintain a quality level of leg strength in order to produce row after row. In fact, the ratio is about 60% legs and 40% upper body. This is much more of an equal amount than that of biking which in about 90% legs.

Checkout Rachel’s bio to learn more about their backgrounds.

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